head of office

Welcome to the AICS Jerusalem new website!

As Head of the Jerusalem Office of Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, during my two years in office, I had the opportunity to realize the level of appreciation that the Palestinians have towards the Italian people and our contribution and efforts for the development of their country. In return, thanks to our cooperation approach, always close to the beneficiaries, their rights and needs, the achievement of the results is often combined with the building of precious human relations, that I value every day and make our job so rewarding.

Currently, AICS Jerusalem has a portfolio of programmes and projects for a total amount of 180 million of euro, with a significative 24 million euro in direct management and more than 20 million euro in budget support to Palestinian line ministries, in order to ensure local relevance, ownership and accountability of our initiatives.

Our strategy focuses on the contribution we would like to offer for the full achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Palestine as identified by the Palestinian Authority, our main partner, in the National Policy Agenda: the enhancement of an enabling environment for the thriving of economic initiative, the improvement of the Palestinian Health System and the resilience of the most vulnerable groups.

In this effort, our collaborations include a large range of partners such as the European Union Representation in Jerusalem, several Italian Civil Society Organizations active in the country, many UN agencies for the implementation of multilateral projects, as well as a large number of Palestinian Institutional and Civil Society partners, key players for the achievements of concrete results on the ground.

With other Member States of the European Union, we are fully engaged in the EU Joint Programming, as lead donor in the Health and Gender sectors and active donor in the Economic Development sector, thanks to our commitment and substantial and long-standing financial contribution to these sectors. In addition, our Humanitarian AID Programme continue to represent a pillar of the AICS Jerusalem strategy, supporting vulnerable communities in Area C, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

Cristina Natoli